Stop jealous scrolling through Instagram and finally take pictures of your travels that you’re dying to share.


Have you ever seen travel bloggers’ drool-worthy pictures on Instagram and wondered “How the heck do they even do that?”

It seems like everyone these days is able to take stunning photos at the drop of the hat, and you feel left in the dust.

You own a big, fancy camera like they do, but you don't even know what any of the buttons do.

And no matter how hard you try, you always come home from vacation with a camera roll full of questionable photos.

You, too, can take stunning photos of your travels-witout all the fuss.

Enter... The Wanderlust Photo Lab

This step-by-step program will teach you everything you need to know to take your photos from blah & boring to stunning & shareable.

You'll learn...

What all those buttons on your camera mean

The exact way to set up your shots for perfection… every time

How to beat those pesky shadows and take perfectly lit shots

How to edit your photos like all your favorite instagrammers

& so much more!


Unlike other travel photography courses taught by professionals, I’m just your average 20-something with a camera & an obsession.

I know you don’t want to take those moody, oversaturated storm shots or get featured in National Geographic-just @sheisnotlost .  

I’m also SO not about techy jargon. This course has none of that-just easy-to-understand explanations of the need-to-knows. Every time.  


Coming home from vacation and poring over hundreds of photos that perfectly capture the magic of the place you just visited. 

Constantly having friends tell you that your latest Instagram post was fire and now they want to go where you just were.

Never not having something to post on social media again. 

Finally understanding your big, fancy camera and being able to use it without taking 10 minutes to figure out the settings.

Being able to look back on your travel photos in 10 years and think “Wow, that trip was so amazing!”-not “Yikes, that’s a terrible picture.”


It’s all possible by following my simple step-by-step system for learning how to become an awesome travel photographer!

Module 1: Getting Started

Absolutely everything you need to know about getting started with travel photography, including... 

  • How to choose the best camera for travel photography
  • The best lenses and accessories for bringing your photos to the next level (+ do you really need to lug a tripod around?)
  • How to plan and prep for your trip to maximize photo opportunities
  • How to pack your gear (and not look like a major dork/mugging target)

Module 2: The Art of Photography

Finally, it’s time to actually get photographing! You’ll learn...  

  • The foundational elements of every great photograph 
  • Why you don’t necessarily need to learn manual mode right away (bless) 
  • How to get off Auto Mode
  • How to get those creamy portrait backgrounds (& other fun artsy things) 
  • The time of day you should never miss photographing  

Module 3: On the Road

With the basics done and dusted, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of the different types of travel photography, including:

  • Landscapes 
  • Cities 
  • People 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Wildlife 
  • Details & Close-Ups 
  • + how to set up each shot in each situation  

Module 4: How to Edit Like a Pro

Finally, when you’re back home, what the heck do you even do with your photos? You’ll…  

  • Learn how to edit your photos like your favorite Instagrammers 
  • Become an Adobe Lightroom Master 
  • Discover the magic of presets  

Y0u want bonuses? You got ‘em.

All of my Lightroom Presets

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An exclusive Facebook Community to share your travel photos and get advice.

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You're going to love this course if you...

  • Constantly find yourself scrolling through your instagram feed wishing you could take photos like that 
  • Are a complete beginner and you want to set a solid foundation for taking great travel photos 
  • Have felt overwhelmed by all the information out there and just want someone to tell you exactly what you need to know 
  • Want to have more creative travel photos than just you, standing and smiling in front of a monument  

But it might not be for you if you...

  • Want 100 modules tell you absolutely every little thing there is to know about travel photography-especially the nitty-gritty tech details 
  • Hate the photo style that’s so popular on Instagram 
  • Want to become an old-school professional travel photographer  

So who am I to teach you all of this?

Hey, I'm Addie!

I’m a travel blogger & enthusiastic travel photographer. Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember: my dad was an avid photographer and there was never an outing when I was a kid where the camera didn’t come along. 

I got my first point-and-shoot camera at age 8, but didn’t start taking photography seriously until high school, when I picked up my first DSLR and signed up for a photography class as an elective. Over that semester, I discovered a love of the art of photography, but also felt totally bogged down by all of the techy language, and felt like I was never going to be able to learn it all. 

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to switch back to automatic mode, take things one step at a time, and embrace the creativity of it that I actually started to have fun. 

In college, I started travelling on a regular basis, and my camera was a natural travel companion. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve now travelled all around Europe and the Americas, camera in tow. My photography has improved slowly over time, but I don’t think it has to be that way. 

In fact, I truly believe that by avoiding all that techy language and pressure, you can become an awesome travel photographer in no time. Which is why I decided to create this course: to teach you everything you need to know to take stunning photographs-and nothing more.  

Afraid you don't have what it takes? Don't be!

 Try The Wanderlust Photo Lab risk-free for 30 days, and if you don’t see results, we’ll refund you! Just show that you’ve completed the first 2 modules and done the work. 



Do I need to have a big, fancy camera to take this course?

Not necessarily! While a good camera can make all the difference, and this course is mostly focused on photography with a big, fancy camera, a lot of what you’ll learn can work with your phone camera or a point-and-shoot as well! 

What if I’m a complete beginner? 

Perfect! This course starts at the verry beginning and teaches all the basics you need to take great travel photos, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience coming into it. 

I’ve taken photography courses before and felt totally bogged down by all the information. I left feeling even more overwhelmed than before! How do I know this course is any different? 

I’ve taken those same courses and felt the exact. same. way. That’s why I made sure my course is nothing like that. You’ll only get the exact information you need to take great travel photos-with no overwhelming techy language-and nothing more.

What’s your refund policy?

We have a 30-day risk-free refund policy. If you take the first 2 modules, do the work, and don’t see results, we’ll give you a full refund. 

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